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3rd Sunday of Lent, March 7, 2021

Contemporary 9:00am Service

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church  


Prayer of Confession

 Pastor: Let us confess to God and before one another our sins, and especially our failure to acknowledge evil and to oppose it.

People: We confess to You, O God, and before one another that we have sinned. We are complacent about the evil around us. We have become numb to the pain of others as we are inundated by so much information. If it doesn’t hurt us, we are willing to stay on the sidelines. Help us to feel the shame of our impotence in the face of evil. Stir up in us the indignation that we should rightly feel. Steel us with the courage of Your Holy Spirit that we might enter the fray and resist the evil. Help us to stand with all who are harmed by the violence and evil around us. Amen.

Pastor: God is love and so God is justice and mercy. God desires wholeness and healing for all creation. Receive God’s grace and join in God’s work of righteousness in all the world. 


Praise Song

Prayer of the Day

We praise You, O God, for You know very well what it is to suffer over the evil that we do. We have broken Your heart time and time again. Help us in this time of worship to open our hearts and minds to the power of Your Holy Spirit so that we may courageously face those evils around us. Help us be willing to be scarred and broken so others may be made whole. Amen.


God’s Word

Exodus 20:1-17

 1 Corinthians 1:18-25

 John 2:13-22


Message by Pastor Garry Mohr

Apostles Creed

Message Song

The Prayers


Now we join Christians everywhere in worshipping God through giving of our resources. Please offer your assistance to a high-risk neighbor. Our offering and online giving are significant acts of worship.



 All who believe that the sacrament of Holy Communion is a gift from God commanded by Christ through which we receive God’s promises of forgiveness and eternal life are encouraged to come to the table. Communion is done continuously. (The wine is non-alcoholic).




Consecration of the Elements


Lord’s Prayer

Sending Blessing

Closing Song




Leader: Go in peace to serve the Lord!


People: Thanks be to God!          


Sending Song


Next Week’s Readings:            


Numbers 21:4-9                 Ephesians 2:1-10            John 3:14-21




Wendel Armstrong (Balance issues) Mark Bailey (Stomach cancer) Debbie Brandt (Ankle surgery) Sheila Canaan (Diagnosed with ALS) Rene Cunanan (Dan Carlson’s friend – Heart Surgery) Pastor Sean Ewbanks (Prostate cancer) The family of Jean Goldsmith (Laura Hunter’s mom) Dan Hylton (Respiratory issues) The family of Paul Ingvaldsen (Hans’ friend) Bob Joplin (Candi McDaniel’s cousin – Stroke) Janis Kruse (Chemo) Brent & Matthew Leckich (The family of Karen Leckich) The family of Marina Linke (Hans’ friend) Theresa Silva (Cheryl Coleman’s Cousin – Husband committed suicide) Patrick Taylor (Katherine Niermann friend ~ Palliative care) The family of Renato Velasco (Jocelyn Carlson’s uncle) Dorothy Wood (Tracy Navetta’s cousin – Stage 4 lung cancer) All those affected by Covid.


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